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Dec. 2022 Vol. 8, No.25 Online: Jan. 31, 2023Contents & ErrataPDF(1.8MB)
Vol.8, No.24 (revised) On line: Sept. 25, 2022ContentsPDF(13MB)
Aug. 2022 Vol.8, No.24 On line: Aug. 31, 2022ContentsPDF(13MB)
Apr. 2022 Vol.8, No.23 On line: Mar 22, 2022ContentsPDF(8.1MB)
Aug.-Dec. 2021 Vol.7, No.21-22 On line: November 8, 2021ContentsPDF(5.2MB)
Apr. 2021,Vol.7, No.20 On line: April 27, 2021ContentsPDF(5.1MB)
Dec. 2020,Vol.6, No.19 On line: December 24, 2020ContentsPDF(3.6MB)
Aug. 2020,Vol.6, No.18 On line: August 21, 2020ContentsPDF(4.0MB)
Apr. 2020,Vol.6, No.17 On line: April 3, 2020ContentsPDF(7.3MB)
Apr. 2020,Vol.6, No.16 On line: March 28, 2020ContentsPDF(5.5MB)
Dec. 2019,Vol.5, No.15ContentsPDF(6.6MB)
Aug. 2019,Vol.5, No.14ContentsPDF(6.9MB)
Apr. 2019,Vol.5, No.13ContentsPDF(6.1MB)
Dec. 2018,Vol.4, No.12ContentsPDF(8.5MB)
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Apr. 2018,Vol.4, No.10ContentsPDF(2.9MB)
Dec. 2017,Vol.3, No.9ContentsPDF(4.8MB)
Aug. 2017,Vol.3, No.8ContentsPDF(7.8MB)
Apr. 2017,Vol.3, No.7ContentsPDF(3.3MB)
Dec. 2016,Vol.2, No.6ContentsPDF(9.9MB)
Aug. 2016,Vol.2, No.5ContentsPDF(6.2MB)
Supplementary material:PDF(6.3MB)
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Supplement: Cochrane commentsPDF(1.3MB)
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Apr. 2015,Vol.1, No.1ContentsPDF(3MB)
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CONTENTS December 2022 Vol.8, No.25  PDF(1.8MB)On line: January 31,2023

Apology: We apologize for the delay of publication and correction of the scheduled issue month, publication volume number and pages. No corrections have been made to the contents.


Page, LocationOriginalCorrected
Cover page, HeaderJanuary 2023 Volume 9December 2022 Volume 8
Cover page, ContentsJanuary 2023, Vol. 10December 2022 Vol.8
All pages, FootersJan. 2023/ Vol.9 No.25Dec. 2022/ Vol.8 No.25
Last page, Imprint2023  Vol.9  No.252022  Vol.8  No.25
All pages, FootersPage 1 to Page 16Page 38 to Page 53

The corrected No.25 is available online since February 7, 2023.

 Unacceptable Proposal: Experts ignored clinical trials
 To be Vaccinated, or Not? Points You should know
 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines Doubles the Risk of COVID-19!
(1) “Harm-benefit balance” depends on the situation
(2) Types of vaccines and adjuvants
(3) Healthy vaccinee effect (bias)
(4) The doctrine of original antigenic sin and Omicron variants
Figure 6: Types of vaccines and their structures

CONTENTS 2022 Vol.8, No.24 (revised)  PDF(13MB)On line: Sept. 25, 2022

Main revisions are:
 ① p31
 New subsection :
 6) Non-COVID-19 mortality rates ratio in ever vaccinated was inserted on p31.

 ② p31 to p32
 New subsection :
 (4) Mortality rate ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated
 was inserted before “Conclusion” on p31 to p32.

 ③ p34
 The following sentense on p34 of the original version:
 The incidence rate of "asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection" (/100,000 person-days (pd))was calculated by the numbers of difference between all documented SARS-CoV-2 infection and symptomatic COVID-19.
was deleted, because the numbers for asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection were directly reported in the supplementary material of the report.

 ④ Others are the correction of typos

CONTENTS August 2022 Vol.8, No.24 PDF(13MB) On line:August 31, 2022

 Harm of vaccine and Harm of data manipulation
Advers Reactions
 Vaccine increases myocarditis mortality
 Imbalance in baseline characteristics in molnupiravir trials
 Evidence for healthy vaccinee effect
(1) Lower rate of non-covid death in vaccinated
(2) Lower COVID-19 incidence at the day of inoculation

CONTENTS April 2022 Vol.8, No.23 PDF(8.1MB) On line:March 22, 2022

 Crisis of scientific assessment of drugs
 Resuming HPV vaccination is dangerous
New Products
 Antivirals for COVID-19:molnupiravir (Lagevrio®)
Doubt about efficacy due to serious baseline imbalance

CONTENTS Aug.-Dec. 2021 Vol.7, No.21-22 PDF(5.2MB) On line:November 8, 2021

 Trick of clinical trials                 26
New Products
 Baricitinib for the treatment of COVID-19        27
Data are seriously inconsistent and unreliable
Adverse Reactionss
 Vaccines for COVID-19:
strong association with cardiovascular death        32
Causal link between vaccination and subsequent death    38
Mortality risk of vaccination is 5 times higher in 20s     41
3 teens died: Causal link is suspected           44

CONTENTS April 2021, Vol.7, No.20 PDF(5.1MB) On line: Apr. 27, 2021

Anaphylaxis                    2
New Products
Vaccines for COVID-19: Is it useful in Japan?       3
Anaphylaxis:Adrenaline & corticosteroids are essential   12
Adverse Reactionss
Vaccines for COVID-19:
High incidence of anaphylaxis: 1 in 4400 vaccinated  21

CONTENTS December 2020, Vol.6, No.19 PDF(3.6MB) On line: Dec. 24, 2020

Amateurism               53
Poor evidence of direct anticoagulant (DOAC) 54
DOAC and increased thrombosis without APS 60
Candidates of New Products
COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates       64

CONTENTS August 2020, Vol.6, No.18 PDF(4.0MB) On line: Aug. 21, 2020

Calmly and Scientifically           38
New Products
・Remdesivir (trade name: Veklury)       39
Most likely ineffective for COVID-19
Supplementary Slides PDF(4.6MB)
・Favipiravir (trade name: Avigan Tablet)     46
Most probably no efficacy on COVID-19, and harmful

CONTENTS April 2020, Vol.6, No.17 PDF(7.3MB) On line: April 3, 2020

Sin of Being Deceived               18
Urgent Recommendations
Five Don’ts to prevent COVID-19 and death (Part 2)  19
For 1. and 2., See No 16
  1. Don't use Tamiflu and Xofluza
  2. Avoid ACE2 enhancers and (hidden) immunosuppressants
  3. Don't sit up late at night. Lack of sleep is the strongest stress impairing your immunity
Five Do's to prevent COVID-19 and death       30
  1. Simple mask-wearing is effective.
  2. It helps your nose and throat keep warm and moisturized.
  3. Cloth or handkerchief is an alternative.
  4. Hot drink is also helpful.
  5. Enough sleep without sleeping pills.

CONTENTS April 2020, Vol.6, No.16 PDF(5.5MB) On line: March 28, 2020

The Plague (La Peste in French)                   P2
Urgent Recommendations
Five Don'ts to Prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection
(COVID-19) and Death
  1. Don't use ibuprofen or other NSAIDs             P3
  2. Don't use corticosteroids especially in the early phase of fever   P8

Please read below in the next issue (No 17)

  1. Don't use Tamiflu and Xofluza
  2. Avoid ACE2 enhancers and (hidden) immunosuppressants
  3. Don't sit up late at night. Lack of sleep is the strongest stress impairing your immunity

Please read 5 Do's also in the next issue (No 17)

  1. Simple mask-wearing is effective to reduce infection of SARS to one-third.
  2. Mask is effective because virus is vulnerable to high temperature with humidity.
  3. When masks are not available, handkerchief can be the sybstitute.
  4. Take hot drinks.
  5. Have enough sleep without sleeping pills.

CONTENTS December 2019, Vol.5, No.15 PDF(6.6MB)

The Japanese Hypertension Guidelines 2019
Problems in Selection of Members            P37
Critical Review
Critical Assessment of Hypertension Guidelines Part 1      p38
Scientific evidence for the hypertension guidelines 2019 is poor

Critical Assessment of Hypertension Guidelines Part 2      p44
NICE (UK) recommends treatment if blood pressure is 160/100 or over

Neglect of Correcting Scientific Fraud: Ruling over Diovan Scandal p48
Adverse Reactions
Tamiflu: Death After Abnormal Behaviour in Teenagers Revisited p50
High Risk of Death from Tamiflu and Xofluza          p52

CONTENTS August 2019, Vol.5, No.14 PDF(6.9MB)

Does the Japanese Regulator ignore science? P18
Critical Review
Critical Assessment of Dementia Guidelines: p19
Don't try to cure but communicate appropriately
Critical Assessment of Nocturia Guidelines:  p25
Non-pharmacological treatment is the best
Critical Assessment of Guidelines for Low-dose Pills: p28
Thromboembolism may occur in 1 out of 37 high risk women

CONTENTS April 2019, Vol.5, No.13 PDF(6.1MB)

Accelerated approval, ignoring harm, is a crime P2
New products
New Direct-acting Antiviral for Hepatitis C (Epclusa) p3-6
Advance in hepatitis C with prior treatment failure or decompensated cirrhosis
Adverse Reactions
Hemorrhage caused by an Anti-influenza Agent, Xofluza p7-9
Serious toxicity necessitating suspension of its use
Critical Review
Critical Assessment of Diabetes Guidelines: p10-15

CONTENTS December 2018, Vol.4, No.12 PDF(8.5MB)

Dying Cochrane: Could it be resuscitated? P30
New products
Herpes zoster subunit vaccine Shingrix: Judgment Reserved p31
Baloxavir (Xofluza®) for Influenza: No Value p37
No difference from Tamiflu in efficacy, and suppresses immunity
Adverse Reactions
New evidence of severe abnormal behaviors/psychiatric reactions to oseltamivir(Tamiflu) p40
Critical Review
Cochrane review on HPV vaccine should be revised: p41
News p50
Cochrane Out of Control: Expulsion of the Prominent Member
France has delisted anti-dementia agents

CONTENTS August 2018, Vol.4, No.11 PDF(4.2MB)

What we learned from epidemiological studies on drug-induced pneumonia p16
New products
A new cholesterol lowering agent: lomitapide is highly toxic p17
Japanese Guideline for Hypertension is for disease mongering P20
Medical checkups create “patients” and shorten their lifespan by “treatment”
Adverse Reactions
Pneumonia induced by benzodiazepines P24
Evidence shows causal relations

CONTENTS April 2018, Vol.4, No.10 PDF(2.9MB)

Is the “Right-to-try” a “Right of Patient” ? p2
Who benefits from the guidelines? P3
Guidelines for influenza treatment in Japan is misleading p6
Do general health checks prolong lifespan?  p11

CONTENTS December 2017, Vol.3, No.9 PDF(4.8MB)

WHO downgraded oseltamivir (Tamiflu)         p28
New products
Hypnotic (sleeping pill), suvorexant (brand name Belsomra) p29
A substance that causes narcolepsy and cataplexy
Teriparatide  More harm than benefit         P34
Insomnia, Optimal Sleep Duration and Harm of Sleeping pills P36
Pneumonia caused by proton pump inhibitors (PPI)
(1) meta-analysis      P40
(2) Critical appraisal of a study P42

CONTENTS August 2017, Vol.3, No.8 PDF(7.8MB)

Is the intervention really necessary?         p13
The importance of the epidemiologic evidence
Screening does not reduce cervical cancer deaths    p14
The best and only protective measure is to have adequate nutrition and sleep
Pneumococcal and Hib vaccines for children      p20
Harms may outweigh benefits: not recommended

CONTENTS April 2017, Vol.3, No.7 PDF(3.3MB)

Time to wake up from a nightmare
"cholesterol=devil" hypothesis
New products
Anti PD-1 antibody: pembrolizumab
Effective only for non-small cell lung cancer of specific type
New Cholesterol Lowering Agents (PCSK9 Inhibitors)
Infection and neurological diseases increase.
Top 1 most read for 5 months: paper on cholesterol
RCTs of cholesterol lowering agents of different classes were cancelled in succession

CONTENTS December 2016, Vol.2, No.6 PDF(9.9MB)

Don’t be misled by new “mab” drugs p28
New products
Nivolumab (brand name: Opdivo) p29-34
Benefit and harm on survival offset each other: strict restriction on use is needed
GLP-1 Agonists (liraglutide) p35-42
No evidence of improving prognosis in patients with diabetes: Not recommended

CONTENTS Aug. 2016, Vol.2, No.5 PDF(6.2MB)

Epidemiologists and biostatisticians, be honest!
Adverse Reactions
Symptoms after HPV vaccine:
Typical "frailty exclusion bias" in Nagoya City study
Critical comments from theoretical viewpoints
Supplementary material:
Frailty exclusion bias:A theoretical basis and practical influences on Nagoya City Study:PDF(6.3MB)
Adverse Reactions
Pioglitazone (brand name: Actos) and bladder cancer: A new type "time-related bias"

CONTENTS Apr. 2016, Vol.2, No.4 PDF(16MB)

“Talk about harm, not risk”
New Products
Memantine (brand name: Memary): No value for dementia
An NMDA antagonist, memantine may induce neurotoxicity
Too many withdrawn cases due to adverse reactions
Dutasteride (Zagallo®) for Androgenetic alopecia:
Good in theory, too harmful in practice: cancer, sexual dysfunctions, suicide
Cochrane team criticises the ECDC experts' draft advice on oseltamivir use:
Supplementary material:
Critical comments to ECDC by Cochrane team PDF(1.3MB)

CONTENTS Dec. 2015,Vol.1, No.3 PDF(7MB)

“Surrogate endpoint” qualify “real advance”?
New Products
Anti-HCV agent LDV/SOF combination (brand name: Harvoni)
8 week treatment may be better to reduce harm and costs with same efficacy
Febuxostat(brand name: Febric): Inferior to allopurinol
Too frequent cardiovascular events, gouty attacks, serious allergy
Is Alteplase Beneficial for Treating Ischemic Stroke?
No proven efficacy if it is given 1.5 hours after onset

CONTENTS Aug. 2015,Vol.1, No.2 PDF(5MB)

We want good medicines!
New Products
Dabigatran: potentially harmful: See also Supplementary materials: PDF (4.6MB)
The safe use is compromised without monitoring and an antagonist
Optimal dose may be lower: Subgroup analysis indicates
Information for the patient (Dabigatran)
Too harmful and expensive for general use as a laxative
Plain language summary
Adverse Reactions
Propofol-induced death in children: at a Univ. Hospital
Plain language summary
Plain Language summary
Dabigatran (information for the patient)

CONTENTS Apr. 2015,Vol.1, No.1 PDF(3MB)

An independent drug bulletin for medical practice
New Products
# SGLT-2 inhibitors: Unacceptable products--can we call these “medicines”?
Were the harms warned after marketing known before approval?
# Methadone (Limited use): Useful only in opioid rotation with special precautions
Why is it useful in opioid rotation? What precautions are needed?
# H.pylori eradication may shorten life span:
Gastric cancer decreases by H.pylori eradication. Why life span may shorten?
What diseases and why other diseases increase? What are the underlying mechanisms?
# Harm of HPV vaccine: Latest information and examination of epidemiological studies
“I have never seen such serious diseases in teen age girls”, many specialists say.
Do RCTs prove the safety of HPV vaccines?
Do epidemiologic studies prove the safety of HPV vaccines?
Is the prevalence same as the incidence? What is the “healthy vaccinee effect”
Plain Language summary
# SGLT-2 inhibitors: inaccurate to call these “medicines”
What is diabetes? What is insulin?
Target of treatment is NOT to normalize the blood glucose level. Then what is the target?
# "Pylori" bacteria removal may shorten life
# Harm of HPV vaccine: epidemiologic studies do not prove safety